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Epoxy Floor Coatings for Garages

When it comes to the time it takes cleaning up your garage, mechanics especially know how damaging an oil stain can be to concrete. Epoxy floor coatings can help your garage floor be safer, cleaner, and more durable. Epoxy floor coatings for garages help maintain the value of your investment and also keep it safe and clean.

At Choice City Epoxy LLC, we offer a lifetime warranty on our full polyaspartic floor coatings for garages. Our warranty protects against peeling, flaking, discoloring, hot tire pull-off, and harsh salt treatments used in the winter. On any other epoxy floor coatings, we offer a ten year warranty.

Benefits of having an Epoxy Floor for Garages

  • Stain Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Oil and Chemical Resistant
  • Impact and Scratch Resistant
  • Easy to Clean, nonporous, and seamless surface
  • We fix any existing cracks and damage before we start any coatings
  • Great for a slip resistant flooring solution
  • Quick and affordable installation, in many cases can be installed in just one day
  • Attractive and high gloss finish that will have your neighbors jealous!
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our Epoxy Floor Coating for Garage Process

The epoxy floor coatings for garages experts at Choice City Epoxy, LLC can answer any questions that you may have about the process and offer a free estimate at no obligation, call today!

  • Beautiful terrazzo finish is given at a fraction of the price with no maintenance, waxing, or special buffing required.

Why Epoxy Colorado for Epoxy Floor Coatings for Your Garage?

Our epoxy floor coatings experts at Choice City Epoxy have been epoxy floor experts for almost a decade now, we are fully insured floor installation and coatings experts with a base in Fort Collins and a service area of all Northern Colorado and The Denver Metro area.

Need Epoxy Floor Coatings for YOUR Garage?

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